belgium dating singles - Polycom 501 updating initial configuration

The following guide will walk you through the process of provisioning your Polycom phone to work on Fluent Cloud’s new and improved hosted phone system.Please note that you may contact a Fluent Stream Support Technician to assist you with this provisioning process.

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To do this, hold down the following four keys simultaneously (4, 6, 8 and *).

After holding down for a few seconds the phone will prompt you to enter a password.

The GXP-2000's are much more resilient and much faster to boot.

Finally, I've also noticed that, for some strange reason, the GMT offset for your time zone will not behave properly sometimes.

To contact support dial (303) GO-CLOUD and Select Option 2 for Support.

Step 1—Connect Your Phone Securely connect Polycom phone to your network router.

Once the boot process has completed your Polycom phone should be registered to work with Fluent Cloud.

Contact a Fluent Stream Support Technician to assist you if the phone is not working properly.

As of firmware, the Grandstreams are a decent phone, easy and quick to configure, but they have a horrible echo in the speakerphone for the remote party.

A firmware fix for this was promised in October 2005, but I decided to not wait and get some Polycom 501 phones as well, as Polycom phones are legendary for being excellent speakerphones, and the 501 model was their lowest priced speakerphone model.

When the phone begins to boot up you will see a Polycom welcome screen and one of the softkeys will be labeled Setup (middle key). Step 3—Manual Resets: To manually reset the phone, you will first need to make sure the phone is connected to your network and is completely booted up.

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