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She was completely out of her depth dealing with a master of manipulation and deceit.' Anne Marie, who was first sexually abused by the Wests when she was just eight and ran away from Cromwell Street aged 15, said: 'I knew Fred and Rose were dangerous people, but I didn't realise how dangerous.

'I knew they were involved in incest and paedophilia, but I thought it was confined to me.

Retired Detective Superintendent John Bennett, who led the West inquiry, is also concerned the ITV drama should be an accurate portrayal of the investigation.

'This TV drama appears to be attempting to define characters.

These are not fictional characters, but extremely complex individuals who only shared their darkest secrets with each other.' Anne Marie has declined ITV approaches to assist with the production,and is already concerned about the accuracy of the programme-maker's research.

She believes the TV dramatisation will revive deeply traumatic memories for the families of Fred and Rose West's victims.

Anne Marie, whose own mother Rena Costello and half-sisters Charmaine and Heather were murdered, said: 'I felt physically sick when I heard about the plans to turn the tragic events which devastated so many people's lives into a TV drama.'I haven't spoken about this for ten years and the only reason I am speaking now is because I want ITV to realise they will be causing unimaginable distress to the families of the young girls who were murdered.'No-one should kid themselves, the object of this drama is to make money.'But the programme makers have to recognise that a lot of vulnerable young women died.'They were real people and their loved ones are real people too who are still suffering and their wounds will only be reopened by a TV drama like this.'The three-hour drama Appropriate Adult focuses on the period between the Wests' arrests in 1994 and Fred's suicide in Birmingham's Winson Green Prison on New Year's Day 1995, as he awaited trial for 12 murders.

And if you do watch the drama and are tempted to have sympathy for Janet Leach, just remember who the Wests’ real victims were.

Remember all those poor girls alone and helpless in the dark.

Though this may be partly true, it is far from being the whole story.

Mrs Leach was certainly a weak woman, and the wrong person to have been chosen as Fred West’s appropriate adult, but she could have walked away at any time. She sold her story to the Daily Mirror for £100,000 before even giving evidence at the Winchester trial and lied to the court about having taken the money. As for West, the drama’s writer says it was important not to show him as simply an evil serial killer. everyone who came into contact with him was somehow charmed by him.’But is this really so?

There were inevitably gaps and it was impossible for the imagination not to run riot in the natural urge to fill them.

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